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40 Years Of Gen Con by Robin D. Laws In 40 Years of Gen Con, gaming guru Robin D. Laws chronicles the story of every gamer's lifetime - a history that reaches out to four decades of gamers to form a vast collage of the Gen Con experiences from every point of view. Also featured is a treasure trove of personal interviews with game industry insiders and luminaries including Dave Arneson, E. Gary Gygax, Ed Greenwood, R. A. Salvatore, and many others
7th Sea Arrows/Heaven Erebus Iii
7th Sea Scoundrels Folly Erebus Ii
7th Sea Villians Kit
A State Lostfinders Gd To Mire End Come wander down the flooded lanes and dank alleys of Mire End, and meet the people and organizations that inhabit this impoverished, benighted burgh. This supplement for a/state features a host of NPCs, background essays, a full map of Mire End, and stacks of adventure nuggets just waiting to be run. Scheduled to ship in August 2004
A2089 Soldiers Companion (C:4) The Soldier's Companion massively expands upon the rules and options for infantry, special forces, and intelligence operatives presented in the Armageddon 2089 - Total War rulebook, detailing for the first time the major players in the shadowy world of covert operations and intelligence gathering in 2089. Scheduled to ship in July 2003
Abduls Adventure
Aberrations Something has awakened in the Mistwood Mines. An old evil stretches its tentacles across the Moon Fog Hills and once again the hearty folk below have a reason to live in terror. Are you brave enough to discover the secrets of the mines? Aberrations features challenging wilderness encounters, twisting caverns of dread, and an extensively detailed manor house full of secret passages, devious traps, and gruesome foes
Aces & Eights Rpg Fools Gold An influx of gold nuggets has caused a great deal of interest among the townsfolk of Lazarus, but where does it come from? What happened to the missing prospectors, or to the ghost town of Christian's Folly? This exciting Aces & Eights adventure puts the players on the path to the solutions, but the odds are against them, and even what seems like success may be merely a prelude to revenge
Ad&D Dragonlance Rise Of The Titans
Ad&D Player"s Secrets Of Binsada Birthright
Ad&D Player"s Secrets Of Ariya Birthright
Ad&D Player"s Secrets Of Khourane Birthright
Ad&D Player"s Secrets Of Medoere Birthright
Ad&D Player"s Secrets Of Taline Birthright
Advanced Players Manual Hc This essential d20 supplement complements the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook with new options and abilities including luck rules, a new dynamic alignment system, expanded benchmarks for skills, alternate spellcasting classes, scores of supporting new spells, unit combat rules, culturally-based variants of racial abilities, and more. Scheduled to ship in June 2004
Adventure Club Issue #
Adventurers Club Issue #
Aerial Adventure Guide V2 Sellaine Jewel Of The Clouds (C:4)
Agents Of Faith (C:4) Giving the power of the gods to more than just clerics, paladins, and druids, Agents of Faith introduces a system of initiation and devotion that allows characters of any class to fully reap the benefits of their faith. In addition to over 100 divine feats, this d20 sourcebook contains new prestige classes, spells, domains, and rituals to truly craft the power of religion. Scheduled to ship in May 2003
Airwaves Rpg
Alchemy And Herbalists (C:4)
Ancestral Vault (Nyambe/D20) Drawn from the sweltering rainforests and dangerous savannahs of Nyambe, this 96-page d20 sourcebook brings adventurers a rich hoard of African-flavored treasures and equipment. Scheduled to ship in September 2003
Ancient Kingdoms Mesopotamia
Anno 1503
Archipelagos The War Of Shadows
Armageddon 2089 Behind Enemy Lines Kazakhstan Behind Enemy Lines is a 128-page Armageddon 2089 campaign sourcebook and setting that takes a new mercenary company from their inception to the corridors of power. Featuring a detailed overview of Kazakhstan, the Casablanca of the Armageddon war, this sourcebook showcases all the hallmarks of a successful Armageddon 2089 campaign - political corruption, moral decisions, and blazing combat! Scheduled to ship in May 2003
Artifacts Of The Ages Rings This d20 sourcebook presents magic gems and jewelry that grow in power as wielders advance in level, and introduces rules for not just rings, but necklaces, bracelets, crowns, gems, and other such items of extraordinary power. Scheduled to ship in September 2004
Artifacts Of The Ages Swords & Staves (C:4) Artifacts of the Ages provides rules for introducing legendary swords and staves that grow in power as their wielders advance in level. This d20 sourcebook presents the special 'scion' prestige classes, plus over two dozen unique and interesting legendary magic items, complete with stats, detailed histories, and adventure hooks. Scheduled to ship in July 2003
Artisans Handbook
Ascent Into Light
At-43 Initiation Set Operation Damocles
Atb Road Hogs
Authority Rpg & Resource Book Hc What if super-heroes grew weary of simply protecting humanity? What if they decided they could change the face of the world, using their god-like powers to shape humanity to their own design? Such is the premise for The Authority RPG, based on the critically acclaimed Wildstorm comic series by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch! Compatible with Silver Age Sentinels d20, this core rulebook covers Ellis' run on the series, and features all the rules and Tri-Stat System game material players need to create their own Authority campaign. Scheduled to ship in March 2004
Aztec Empire Of Dying Sun (D20 System)
Babylon 5 Project Gamemasters Resource Kit
Bad Babiez Boxed Came
Bastards & Bloodlines A Guidebook To Half Breeds
Bastille Day
Battle Cattle Second Edition
Battle Cattle Third Edition (C:4)
Beasts Of Lejend
Besm Uresia Grave Of Heaven The cities of the gods lie in ruins! From the ashes of the God war, a few mortal survivors flourished, migrating to the remnants of the shattered land - now a broken ring of islands scorched by lava and washed clean by storms. Explore a land of endless adventure in a time of heroes, villains, fortune-seekers, and ordinary men seeking to determine the fate of the morrow in this original d20 fantasy setting for BESM d20 from the creative mind of S. John Ross. Scheduled to ship in March 2004
Big Eyes Small Mouth Trigun D20 Hc This techno-western sourcebook for BESM d20 details the exploits of Vash the Stampede - a gunslinger so dangerous that a $60,000,000,000 reward has been placed on his head! An essential anime western supplement, this guide also features detailed episode summaries, in-depth character profiles, and new combat rules and weapons. Scheduled to ship in December 2003
Black Monks Of Glastonbury This sourcebook features stats and Diabolism rules for both Ars Magica and the d20 System, including story hooks, information on Ars Magica demonic gifts, curses, and servants, and extensive detail on the abbey of Glastonbury, its holdings, inhabitants, and powerful magical locations in the area
Black Sails Over Freeport Freeport's in crisis, as war breaks out on the high seas and orcs riot in the streets! Packed with action, intrigue, and danger, this first d20 mega-adventure for Freeport is filled with enough swashbuckling challenges to test the mettle of any band of heroes. Scheduled to ship in October 2003
Bleeding Edge # A d20 fantasy adventure designed for 1st to 3rd Level characters, Mansion of Shadows embroils a group of heroes in a twisted plot of lust, betrayal and terrible evil when they take shelter with a noble family and uncover a web of tangled intrigue
Blood And Fire
Blood Bayou (C:4) Deep in the cypress swamps of northern Termana, the creature known as Jack of Tears rules a realm that serves neither god nor titan. Served by the fearsome carnival krewes and even more fearsome things, Jack of Tears; also known as Momus, the Laughing Man; weaves a web of intrigue and treachery, though toward what ultimate goal, none can say
Blood Dawn: The Prophecy
Blood Of Heroes Adventure Book 1
Bluffside City On The Edge (C:4)
Bnw Glory Days
Book Of Hallowed Might 2 This d20 sourcebook from 3rd Edition co-designer Monte Cook introduces aspects of divine magic never before seen. Discover an original and fully detailed pantheon of gods, read about the power of the Divine Voice, and learn the endless aspects of the Celestial River. The Book of Hallowed Might II: Portents and Visions also contains new rules for visions, portents, and omens, plus dozens of new spells, magic items, feats, and prestige classes. Scheduled to ship in July 2004
Book Of Unusual Treasures Forgotten spellbooks, tomes of arcane knowledge, material components harvested from vanquished monsters, and masterwork weapons, armor, and other items of fine craftsmanship await the appraising eye of the discerning adventurer in this d20 compilation collecting material from four of Philip J. Reed's bestselling PDF's: 101 Spellbooks, 101 Spell Components, and 101 Mundane Treasures Volumes 1 and 2. Scheduled to ship in September 2003
Bow & Blade Guidebook Woodelves (C:4) This d20 toolkit of player options explores every facet of wood elf characters, introducing new feats, spells, prestige classes, monsters, and equipment, plus new elven subraces, fighting styles, and dual-grip exotic weapons. Scheduled to ship in August 2003
Brain Burn
Brave New World Gm Screen
Breeder Compendium Rpg
Broken Pact Rpg